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For your Health:
Dust mites produce a powerful allergen called inhalin. Unfortunately, for about 10% of the population, the protein DER p1 in their minute droppings causes allergic reactions which affect their respiratory systems causing allergic reactions and triggering asthmatic attacks. Protect your family’s health by creating a regular maintenance program that fits easily into your household needs, and budget.
Remember that routine professional cleaning is essential to maintaining a healthy home and work environment. Maintenance programs are your best protection against the build up of soils, mold spores, dust mites, carpet beetles and all types of pollutants that accumulate in your carpets.
Carpet cleaners recognize that carpet may be soiled by an infinite variety of contaminants that could come from inside or outside the building. Indoor pollutants may include grease, dust, hair, animal dander, shed skin, lint from clothing and spills from drinks or food. Cooking oil floating in the air also traps particulates in the indoor environment. These ultimately end up among the carpet fibers because carpet is the perfect filter. Contaminants from outside may include abrasive soils, sand, grit, grease and tars, grime, insects and a host of other foreign materials. Most of these enter the home or office on the soles of shoes, but many other types of foreign materials may be brought in by animals or may even just get blown in by the wind. Understanding the nature of these materials will help to place them in categories and thus determine the best carpet cleaning method for each situation.

Everyone realizes that a soiled carpet is undesirable for many reasons. Perhaps the most commonly acknowledged reason is the appearance. A soiled carpet doesn't look good and the homeowner is often embarrassed by the resulting poor aesthetics. But dirty carpet is also unsanitary. Foreign material in the carpet provides a fertile breeding ground for many microorganisms, some of which carry harmful diseases and various allergens. Soiled carpet may also be the repository of abrasive materials that cause excessive wear when ground in among the fibers over time. The fibers can become destroyed, which considerably reduces the useful life of the carpet.


Xtreme Steam Carpet Cleaning focuses on providing a quality service to all of our customers. In your home or business, we use Hot Water Extraction (HWE), the only carpet cleaning method recommended by Shaw, Mohawk, and other carpet manufacturers. Hot water extraction is still the only method that cleans deep into the carpet fibers, and at over 230 degrees, it sanitizes as it cleans. Typical drying times are 1-2 hours (more heavily soiled carpets may take longer). We can set blowers to accelerate the drying time. Setting the HVAC fan to “On” and turning on ceiling fans also will aid in the drying process. Our professional steam cleaning process will improve the appearance of your carpet, extend the life of your carpet, improve the indoor air quality, and remove stains that other carpet cleaners can't get out. We are the best solution for carpet cleaning in Belton Tx, and surrounding areas.
Only Environmentally Safe Products are used when cleaning your carpet. Our cleaning products are safe for children as well as pets. But don’t let the gentleness of the product fool you. Our carpet cleaning system is highly effective in removing some of the toughest stains. Our carpet cleaning technicians are highly trained professionals and use unique cleaning systems for each unique tough stain. You can trust us to maintain the flooring in your entire home. Xtreme Steam is your Carpet Experts that you can trust. Our technicians are highly trained, IICRC certified.

Documented Benefits of Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning vs. other cleaning methods
The “Frank Porter Graham” Study was a collaborative effort of Michael Berry, that involved participants from the cleaning industry utilizing “best industry practices” and deep cleaning methods for on-going cleaning and maintenance in a Child Development Center on the campus of a North Carolina University.

1.Airborne Dust Contaminants were reduced by 52%
2.Total Volatile Organic Compounds decreased by 49%
3.Total Bacteria was reduced by 40%
4.Total Fungi declined by 61%

Our Guarantee!
We are so confident in the quality of our work; every carpet cleaning job completed is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the service provided, we will take all steps necessary to correct any issues you may have free of charge

You Should Know:
E.P.A. – Improving Your Indoor Environment
During the 1960’s and 1970’s much of our nation’s focus was on the pollution of our outdoor environment, but recently our focus has shifted to pollution of our indoor environment. Concern for fuel economy in the early 1970’s led to changes in construction techniques and building design to prevent the loss of temperature-controlled air from buildings. Airtight structures keep air inside, but they also prevent the flow of fresh air from the outside. Research by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has determined that our indoor environment has two to five time as much pollutants than outside air.

The quality of our indoor air has become more important to us in recent years in that the average American spends over 20 hours a day inside a closed structure. We spend 90 percent of our lives indoors. Heightened consumer health awareness has placed an emphasis on improving the quality of our indoor environment. Carpet plays a vital, positive role in indoor air quality. It acts as an environmental filter, trapping and holding impurities from the air we breathe. The EPA and carpet industry findings indicate that with proper ventilation of new carpet, carpet itself does not contribute negatively to indoor air quality, but the buildup of soil in carpet does. Upholstery fabric also harbors soil and contaminants. According to Michael A. Berry, Ph.D., former Deputy Director for the EPA Environmental Criteria and Assessment Office, the single leading cause of poor indoor air quality in built environments today is poor maintenance. Carpet and upholstery must be cleaned to remove trapped contaminants before they overflow and are released back in the indoor air. For a healthier indoor environment, the IICRC recommends:

Vacuum Frequently

A vacuum cleaner with a high efficiency filtration bag removes soils and bio-contaminants from carpet and upholstery and reduces the release of respirable particles into the air. These bags are now available for most models of vacuum cleaners at retail stores.
Periodically Have Professional Carpet Cleaning
Thorough cleaning removes soil and pollutants to improve indoor air quality. Use a technician trained in the proper use of cleaning agents and equipment.
Control the Sources

Entrance mats halt tracked-in soil and contaminants. Tobacco smoke, which is trapped in carpet and upholstery fabric, is a major source of indoor pollution.
Increase Fresh Airflow
Our ancestors knew what they were doing when they opened windows to air out buildings.
Clean for Health
Carpet and upholstery fabric hide soil. Don’t just clean for appearance when the accumulation of soil becomes visible.

What makes Xtreme Steam Carpet Cleaning system special?
 We are on the cutting edge of truck mounted steam cleaners. We are using the top of the line in truck mounted carpet/tile cleaning systems, Ramforce 6 X is a powerful truck mount carpet and tile cleaning system that is creating 230 degrees of steam, as well as the high volume of vacuum For those who seek more knowledge, This carpet cleaning system creates 526 cubic feet per minute of vacuum.

What does this mean to you? It means that the high pressure steam is breaking down the dirt without grinding it into the carpet, and the powerful vacuum will allow your carpet to be dry even quicker.

Are your chemicals safe for my children and Pets? Absolutely, Our cleaning products are safe for your children and pets. They are non toxic, environmentally safe and leave no residue.

How often should I have my carpets cleaned? It is recommended by Shaw Industries, the leading carpet manufacturer, to have your carpets Truck Mounted Steam Cleaned every six months to a year. Of course the need for carpet cleaning can vary depending on the amount of traffic on the carpet.

How long does it take the carpets to dry? With our powerful cleaning system, The drying time is reduced. In most cases you can expect the carpets to be dry within two -three hours. Carpets requiring heavier restoration can take up to six – eight hours. (This is for extreme cases)

How do I prepare my home for the carpet cleaning day? We ask that you have your carpets free of clutter as well as any large debris. It is recommended that you vacuum your carpets prior to our technician arriving.

Unfortunately, not all spots can be removed with a regular carpet cleaning alone. Juice drinks, coffee, pet accidents, and beauty products are just some of the things that can discolor your carpet. Off the shelf stain removers have been known to permanently set stains instead of removing them. Xtreme Steam Carpet Cleaning carries a complete arsenal of stain specific cleaning products on our vehicles at all times. With our extensive training and experience we can say with confidence: If your spot or stain can be removed, Xtreme Steam Carpet Cleaning will be able to remove it.

If you have a stain that has become a problem in your home give us a call today. The faster we can treat the stain, the greater the chance we will have to remove it.

Prices will now be per room/ area, Stairs are considered 1 area, Room size 14x14 or bigger will be considered  2 areas. 100 stain removals included. specialty stains may require special attention. Your technician will discuss the specialty stain removal process with you before we begin the cleaning Hallways and standard size closets are included.