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We are on the cutting edge of truck mounted steam cleaners. We are using the top of the line in truck mounted carpet/tile cleaning system powerful truck mounted carpet and tile cleaning system that is creating 230 degrees of steam, as well as the high volume of vacuum For those who seek more knowledge, This carpet cleaning system creates 526 cubic feet per minute of vacuum.
What does this mean to you? 

It means that the high pressure steam is breaking down the dirt without grinding it into the carpet, and the powerful vacuum will allow your carpet to be dry even quicker.
How long does it take the carpets to dry? 

With our powerful cleaning system, The drying time is reduced. In most cases you can expect the carpets to be dry within one hours. Carpets requiring heavier restoration can take up to two hours. (This is for extreme cases)

Dirty carpet is also unsanitary. Foreign material in the carpet provides a fertile breeding ground for many microorganisms, some of which carry harmful diseases and various allergens. Soiled carpet may also be the repository of abrasive materials that cause excessive wear when ground in among the fibers over time. The fibers can become destroyed, which considerably reduces the useful life of the carpet. Our cleaning systems generate over 210 degree steam to not only clean but sanitize deep down in the carpet fibers.

What can you expect to take place during your cleaning? 

Carpet Inspection: starts with an inspection of the carpet to determine its fiber content – nylon, olefin, wool, etc. This allows us to choose the appropriate pretreatment and cleaning solution for your carpet. Any spots, spills or damage areas that require special attention will be noted at this time. Next we check traffic areas for fiber wear or abrasion. Once we’ve completed the carpet inspection, we are able to provide you with realistic expectations for your carpet cleaning.

Pretreatment for Cleaning: Pretreatment is the next stage of the carpet cleaning process. The carpet fibers are treated with a preconditioning agent to emulsify soils and general spots. Further emulsification of stubborn stains is accomplished with a professional groomer which agitates the preconditioner. Use of this carpet cleaning technique depends on the type and condition of the carpet. 

Pet Odor & Stain Removal: Using a black light, we carefully examine all areas of your carpet and upholstery to detect the telltale signs of pet urine: The urine salts that have been deposited into the carpet and dried there will glow under the black light. This is the best way of locating all urine-contaminated areas.
Pre-Treatment with ­­ Protein-Digesting Solution your pet odor specialists will then pre-treat your carpet or upholstery with a solution that breaks down the proteins in the urine, preparing them for removal. Pet Odor and Stain Removal using Special Enzyme Cleaners
We then use organic enzyme cleaners that work to microscopically break down, digest, and remove the odors and stains. Our methods do not simply mask unpleasant pet odors. They destroy the bacteria that cause the odors. If stubborn pet odors are ruining your enjoyment of your home, call Xtreme Steam Carpet Cleaning Service. Let us help you restore the sweet-smelling environment that will make life so much more pleasant for you and your family.


Deep Cleaning Rotovac 360i Deep Shampoo Cleaning System: for heavier soiled carpets we take the extra step to ensure we provide the deepest cleaning possible with our state of the art deep rotary cleaning carpet shampoo systems.

 Truck Mounted Deep Steam Extraction (Also Known as Steam Cleaning) After pretreatment, the carpet fibers are thoroughly flushed with a neutralizing rinse agent using the world’s most powerful extraction system to immediately vacuum it out. The super-heated water helps kill germs, and the neutralizing agent leaves the carpet fibers pH balanced. This simply means carpet fibers will remain clean, soft and only damp to the touch with no sticky residue that causes resoiling.

Spot Removal and Stain Removal:Specialty spot removal products may be employed on an individual stain-by-stain basis during the rinse phase of the carpet cleaning process. This is for any spots that did not respond to preconditioning treatment. Unfortunately some carpet stains are permanent, but we will retreat with spot remover as many times as it takes to either remove the stain or be 100% confident that we have done our very best to remove it.

 Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning
•Stain Removal

•Spot Removal
 •Kill germs
 •pH Balance
 •Brighter colors
•Pet Odor Removal
•Pet Urine Removal
•Emergency Water Removal
•Remove Ink Stains
•Remove Food Stains
•Remove Tea Stains
•Remove Mustard Stains
•Remove Red Stains
•Remove Wine Stains

•Remove Nail Polish Stains

Upholstery Steam Cleaning
​Couch & Love Combo $70.00
Sectional Steam Cleaning $70.00 ​
Mattress Steam Cleaning $50.00

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Tile & Grout Cleaning
 $0.59 per square foot. 
​SPECIAL $0.39 per square foot

Dryer Vent Cleaning , Air Duct Cleaning and Fumigation, Carpet Repair Call For Pricing.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Xtreme Steam Carpet & Tile Cleaning. Highly trained certified specialists. Xtreme Steam Carpet Cleaning is committed providing quality service at a affordable price. We are so confident in the quality of our carpet cleaning; every job completed is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Whether it be that bothersome pet odor, that eyesore of a stain, or just a routine cleaning, Xtreme Steam Carpet & Tile Cleaning is the company you can trust to handle all of your in home cleanings & Allergy and Allergen Relief  Specialists. ​

​" Here at Xtreme Steam carpet and tile cleaning, we can always guarantee that you get our best effort on every job and all of our knowledge and expertise will go to work for you. I clean every carpet like it was my own, take pride in all of my work to always  ensure that you have  the best possible cleaning available .  Our Equipment, Materials, and Training Make the Difference.

At Xtreme Steam Carpet Cleaning, we use the latest state-of-the-art deep steam cleaning equipment, safe and biodegradable organic cleaning materials, and fully trained technicians who understand the importance and the principles of non-toxic cleaning to eliminate allergens from your home's environment." 

​Daniel Ralston owner and operator:  Xtreme Steam Carpet & Tile Cleaning

​Carpet Cleaning

1 Room/ Area $50.00
2 Room/Area $60.00  
3 Room/Area  $75.00
4 Room/Area $100.00 
         5 Room/Area $125.00